Fresno Yoga Day Report

Fresno Yoga Day Report

We celebrated International Yoga Day under the leadership of Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor at California State University, Fresno which was sponsored by Consulate General of India -San Fransico and Attended by about 150 Fresno Hindu Temple members and local yogis from yoga studios.

Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor is professor emeritus of social work education at California State University, Fresno (for 39 years) and community advocate of peace and justice for the last 45 years.

Kapoor’s Fresno State legacy includes the Peace Garden, which he helped found and in which he still is involved. Statues in the Peace garden pay tribute to Mahatma Ghandi, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Addams and César Chávez.

Our International Yoga Day included a brief origin and importance of yoga by Dr. Nagabhushan Malakla and message from The Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi followed by yoga classes and demonstrations by many local yoga teachers.

Attached are some of the pictures. Please let me know if you need anymore information or have any questions.

Thank you and look forward to second International Yoga Day!

Monika Joshi

(I have been in California for the last 25 years and absolutely adore and promote Hindu culture and volunteer for many local and national organizations, here and in India.)