These are Dhruva and Arundhati. They are two of hundreds of thousands of Hindu children growing up in USA. Bright stars! Ready and eager to fulfill their destiny. They are Hindu Dharma’s gift to America. But a gift wrapped in an enigma and left unopened till now. What can the Hindu-American do to un-wrap this marvelous gift? You, as a leader of Hindus in USA have contemplated over this question for years. Your ideas are valuable and innovative. It is time for you to share your wisdom with others. So that together, we can un-wrap the enigma and offer that priceless jewel to those for whom it was meant.


  • Mandirs as the place where modern Dhruvas and Arundhatis grow up learning about their duties and dharma
  • A Hindu-American community rooted in its traditions and enriching the American society.
  • Future leaders like Dhruva and Arundhati, guiding the society towards the ideal of vasudhaiva kutumbakam.
  • Hundreds of leaders like you crystallizing the vision of our sages into reality
  • Dharma on resurgence


  • There are more than 500 mandirs in North America. Of these, USA has over 400 mandirs, the remaining being in Canada.
  • New York has the largest number of mandirs – 85. California comes second with 55 mandirs.
  • More than 70 of Hindu mandirs are visited by more than 3000-5000 families each weak.
  • Swami Paramananda established Vedanta Center in Boston in 1910, the first Hindu mandir in USA.


Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference (HMEC) is an annual initiative seeking development of network between the executives of all Hindu mandirs of America. You, as a mandir executive are the natural leader of Hindu society by virtue of your intense motivation, deep experience, and selfless service. You understand Hindu-American needs and challenges. At HMEC-2010 you will deliberate on ways of ensuring the sustenance of Hindu Dharma in North America. A key component to this deliberation would be to explore ways of anchoring Hindu Dharma’s sanaatan values in the hearts of coming generations and roles which mandirs can play to make that happen. The Conference will also be a place where you could offer your wisdom in specific areas, for everyone else’s benefit. The conferees would also explore avenues of expanding mandirs’ roles to meet the ever changing needs of the N. American Hindu. Finally, this annual Conference would be a place of formal recognition of your efforts.


You are welcome to participate in the Conference as:

  • A speaker in one of the Conference’s sessions
  • A session chair
  • A sponsor to help others attend the Conference
  • An organizer helping shape the Conference

This is your Conference. So, you get to decide how you want to participate in it.